Subrata Roy, visionary founder of Sahara Group, passed away at 75 after battling illness.

Admitted to Mumbai's hospital on Sunday, Subrata Roy's final moments were at 10.30 pm on Tuesday. 

Sahara Group remembers Subrata Roy as an 'inspirational leader and visionary.' 

Named one of India's most influential businessmen in 2012 by India Today magazine. 

Sahara Group, the second-largest employer in India in 2004 according to Time magazine. 

Legal tussles with SEBI in 2011 led to a ruling for his firms to refund money from certain bonds. 

In 2012, the Supreme Court upheld SEBI's ruling, demanding a refund of ₹24,000 crores with 15% interest. 

Subrata Roy faced detention in 2014 but was later granted bail. 

March 2014: Subrata Roy faced an ink attack during a court appearance. 

Sahara's assets once included iconic properties like New York's Plaza Hotel and London's Grosvenor House.