Business cards are typically used for exchanging contact information, not as a form of payment for meals. 

Some businesses like restaurants and cafes may offer discounts to customers who present their business cards. 

Hotels and airlines may allow customers to charge their expenses to their business cards, making it convenient for business travelers. 

Always call ahead to confirm if a business accepts business cards as a payment method. 

Have an alternate payment method ready in case a business doesn't accept business cards. 

Some businesses, such as bars, restaurants, and grocery stores, do accept business cards as payment. 

It's essential to check your business card agreement as it may have restrictions on using it for personal expenses. 

Keep personal and business expenses separate and ensure you follow company policies when using a business card for personal expenses. 

Designing your own business cards can be cost-effective if you have design skills and access to software programs like Adobe Photoshop or Canva. 

To save money on business cards, consider printing your own, using templates, ordering in bulk, and looking for discounts from printing services.